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Corporate Events and Ice Rental

The Evergreen Curling Club (ECC) is available to host your group for a fun-filled curling session. Whether it is for a corporate function, birthday party (kids must be at least 10 years of age) or just a group outing, ECC can accommodate you.

Curling is a fun sport that appeals to a wide range of people. Strategy, leadership, communication, sportsmanship, socialization and competition are a few aspects of curling that make it a great event for corporate team-building exercises, social events, or just about anyone who is interested in having fun!

The cost of the ice rental includes all the equipment you will need, including stones, brooms, sliders and grippers. Each session begins with registration and includes an off-ice introduction followed by on-ice instruction and participation.

For more details, or for information on rates and availability, please contact our Group Events Manager at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Group Event?

A group of people interested in learning the basics of curling come to the Evergreen Curling Club and ECC volunteers provide equipment and personal instruction needed to learn to curl.

What times and dates are available for Group Events?

Please review our club calendar below for ice availability. The primary time slot for group events is from 11:00AM – 4:00PM on Thursdays. There may be some limited availability at other times, please contact the Group Events Manager for more information.

Of course, some other organization may have already scheduled a group event on one of these dates. It is best to plan well ahead.

How do I make a reservation for a group event?

Contact the prior to your desired date with your group size and any other pertinent details regarding your group. ECC is a volunteer-run organization so please provide us adequate time to mobilize

How many people can be in a group?

The perfect group size for curling is 24, but we can handle groups as large as 30 in a single session.

Why is the limit 30? Is it possible to have a larger group?

The ideal group size is 24 participants. This gives each person the most time for instruction and for throwing stones. The bigger the group, the less time for each individual to learn and play.

We cannot accommodate groups larger than 30 in a single session. Groups over 30 have the option of breaking into sub-groups and being organized as two group events.

Do we need ice skates?

No, skates are not allowed in our facility. Curlers do not wear ice skates but rather flat, rubber-soled shoes.

How much does a Group Event cost?

Option 1):
A 90 minute session at a cost of $250 per sheet and a $500 minimum requirement (2 sheets). Each sheet can accommodate up to 10 people and we have 3 total sheets.
The general format for the 90 minutes session is:

  • 15 minutes or less of off-ice introduction and safety talk
  • 75 minutes of "on-ice" instruction and gameplay

Option 2):
A 3 hour session at a cost of $400 per sheet with an $800 minimum requirement (2 sheets). Each sheet can accommodate up to 10 people and we have 3 total sheets.
The general format for the 3 hour session is:

  • 15 minutes or less "off-ice" introduction and safety talk
  • 30 minutes of "on-ice" instruction
  • come off the ice to eat lunch (Self-catered events)
  • Remainder of time on the ice to play a game.

After confirming a date and price, you may pay by check.

Our mailing address is:

10950 SW 5th Street
Suite #155
Beaverton, OR 97005

You may also pay with PayPal:

How much time do we get for a Group Event?

Option 1: Group events lasts 90 minutes

Option 2: Group Events lasts 3 hours.

In the first initial part of every session, instructors will briefly introduce you to the basics of curling, including how a game is played and how to be safe on the ice. For the remaining time, we head out to the ice! Instructors will break you up into small groups to teach you:

  • How to throw a curling stone
  • How to sweep the ice
  • How to read curling signals.

Once you’ve become a well-trained pro, you’ll play a mini-game against the others in your group to put your new skills to the test!

Can we have the Group Event at some other ice rink?

There is no other curling facility in the Portland/Vancouver Area. The Granite Curling Club in Seattle is the closest alternative.

If we have experienced curlers in our group, can we use them instead of the ECC instructors?

Experienced curlers from your group are always welcome to assist the ECC instructors.

What should we bring?

Make sure to bring warm clothing and gloves. The temperature on the curling ice is much cooler than average room temperature and is typically around 40°F. Loose fitting clothing is best for curling because there is a good deal of stretching and bending involved. Jeans are not very comfortable. For secure footing on the ice, bring clean shoes with rubber soles, such as walking or running shoes. Please carry your "on-ice curling" shoes to the rink to avoid bringing debris onto the ice.

What equipment does the ECC provide?

Everything you need besides yourself: Curling sheets with houses, stones, brooms, grippers, hacks, (you'll find out what a hack is when you learn to curl) and expert instructors!

Do you have food available for group events or rentals?

We do not have any food for purchase during group events, however you may bring your own food or order delivery when choosing to have a 3 hour event. We do not supply plates, paper products or silverware and need to know in advance if you plan to have food brought in. Please advise the Group Events Manager when you’re confirming your arrangements.

Do you have drinks available for group events or rentals?

Upon request ECC will provide a bartender to serve beer, wine and soft drinks. We also have a soft drink vending machine available in the warm room area. You can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks, but beer and wine must be purchased at our bar in accordance with the OLCC regulations.

Can I book a private group event for just a few people?

Yes, though our Learn to Curl sessions are more economical for small groups ($20 per person). See our Learn-to-Curl webpage for dates of upcoming sessions. Be sure to pre-register online in order to guarantee that your entire group can be accommodated at the same time. Walk-ins are permitted but if the session is full when you arrive, you will not be able to participate.

If you prefer a private event with exclusive use of the club for your small group (8 or fewer), you can rent the ice for $400 for a 90 minute session. .

We have some people in our group who are physically handicapped. Can they participate?

As long as a person can stand or walk on the ice or use a wheel chair and have sufficient upper body strength to do so, they can push a rock down the ice with a Delivery Stick.

We have wheelchair curlers in our club that use the Delivery Stick to propel the rock down the ice! In fact, one of our wheelchair curlers is an alternate on the Team USA Paralympic team.

How young can the people be in our group?

Below age 10, t may be difficult for a child to slide or push the stone all the way down (about 120 feet) the sheet of ice .

How much do the stones weigh?

smileyRock 42 pounds of solid granite.

Will it be fun?

No one has ever told us that it was not fun or was a waste of time to learn to curl. In addition you’ll better understand the Olympic sport of curling when you see it on TV.

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