Oregon State Championship (Feb. 15-17, 2019 at Evergreen CC)

Oregon's best men's and women's teams compete for the title of "Best in Oregon" at Evergreen Curling Club, February 15-17, 2019. Winners will be invited to represent Oregon at the 2019 Pacific International Cup. This year the men's runner-up team will also be invited to the PIC. This year's women's event will feature a four team double round-robin. The men's event will have two pools of 5 teams with single round-robin within each pool. Pool winners and runners-up will advance to single elimination playoffs.

Draw Schedule, Standings and Game Results

Competition Rules

Live YouTube Video Stream

The Field is Set! Here are the Competing Teams:


Sarah Maywalt, Courtney Dickie, Mary Bourret, Christina Sanderson (Evergreen CC)
Cathy Shuttleworth, Traci Holcomb, Kim Smoltz, Jeanie King (Evergreen CC)
Karen Fairley, Cindy Martinez, Kay Phillips-Hamblett, Courtney Woo (Evergreen CC)
Meghan Taylor, Emily McClaughry, Lehua Morley, Shiyon Kim (Evergreen CC)


Jason Hill, Dave Milne, Thomas Poon, Eric Adkinson (Evergreen CC)
Jim Smoltz, Cory Fiendell, Jimmy Sattem, Adam Seymour
(Evergreen CC)
Scott Klinkhammer, Ernie Argetsinger, Dave Bueerman, Ron Fairley
(Evergreen CC)
Steve Shuttleworth, Jeff Tomlinson, Allan Barber, Steve Liske (Evergreen CC)
Jason Burge, Chet Liew, Jeff Gullickson, and Greg Sheahan (Bend CC)

Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, PJ Wolfe, Jerry King (Evergreen CC)
Andy Karsnia, Matt Starr, Justin King, Steve Meyer (Evergreen CC)
T.J. Crockett, Judd Dudgeon, Mike Slagle, Kyle Weraky (Evergreen CC)
Oliver Chally, Zander Emerson, Jacob Feldman, Steven Hagen, Alex Ellis (Evergreen CC)
Kevin Rutherford, Bruce Irvin, Josh Engle, Art Placek (Evergreen CC)

Past Champions


2018: Cathy Shuttleworth, Yvonne Perceval, Traci Holcomb and Barbara Feist (Evergreen Curling Club)
Lily Irvin, Maya Horten, Clara Mays and Elsa Naimo (Evergreen Curling Club)


2018: Steve Shuttleworth, Doug Schaak, Roger Chan and Jerry King (Evergreen Curling Club)
: Jim Smoltz, Cory Fiendell, Eric Hemesath, Matt Starr (Evergreen Curling Club)
2016: Kevin Rutherford, Bruce Irvin, Scott Klinkhammer, Thomas Poon (Evergreen Curling Club)

Pacific International Cup

The Oregon State Champion teams (both women and men) will be invited to represent Oregon at the Pacific International Cup (PIC), April 17-21 2019 at Richmond CC in Richmond, BC. This year, the Oregon men's runner-up team will also be invited to the PIC.