Congratulations to the Club Champions!

ECC 2017 Club Champions 2017 04 09

Team Schaak: Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, Adam Seymour and Jimmy Sattem


Pool 1

Tomlinson:  Jeff Tomlinson, Allan Barber, Alan Schmaltz and Yvonne Perceval

Whirlies: Lily Irvin, Maya Horten, Clara Mays and Elsa Naimo

Hemesath:  Eric Hemesath, Andy Karsnia, Steve Sagi and Traci Holcomb

Illegal in Canada?:  Ernie Argetsinger, Karen Fairley, Ron Fairley and Morgan Rhodes

Pool 2

Schaak:  Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, Adam Seymour and Jimmy Sattem

George Fox Univ CC:  Kurt Stine, Andrew Spivey, Keola Macloves, James Woosley

Kuns:  Brian Kuns, Thomas Poon, Eric Samsel and Peter Wilhelm

Liske: Steve Liske, Scott Klinkhammer, Chris Casteel and T.J. Crockett


In round-robin preliminary play, both Pool 1 and Pool 2 ended up with 3-way ties for first place.   Tomlinson, Whirlies and Hemesath all had 2-1 records in Pool 1 while Schaak, Kuns and Liske all ended up 2-1 in Pool 2.   Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) results eliminated Tomlinson and Kuns with Whirlies and Liske winning DSC in their respective pools.
In the semi-finals, Schaak defeated Whirlies, and Liske defeated Hemesath.
In the finals, Schaak defeated Liske.
Congratulations to Team Schaak and all of the competitors (and subs!) for a fun, well-played club championship.   
Thanks to the iceops team and the bartenders for your volunteer efforts throughout the weekend.   And special thanks to Eric Hemesath for running a great event!