2017 MOPAC Mixed Doubles Champions

Congratulations! to Em Good and Mac Guy of Granite Curling Club, 2017 MOPAC Mixed Doubles Champions! They went a perfect 5-0 through pool play and elimination rounds. Maya Horten and Adam Seymour placed second.

Thanks! to all of the competing teams, officials (especially T.J., Dave and Art), bartenders, webstream team and the tireless iceops crew.

To see videos of the games,  visit out YouTube channel.

For full details of event results, visit curlingzone.com.

Past Champions:

2017Em Good and Mac Guy (Granite CC)
:  Elaine Smith-Koop and Josh Engle (Evergreen CC)
2015:  Katie Mordarski and Alex Baxter (San Francisco Bay Area CC)


Good: Em Good and Mac Guy (Granite CC)
Sweet: Shelby Sweet and Jordan Williams (Granite CC)
Fairley: Karen Fairley and Ron Fairley (Evergreen CC)
Kerbs: Sharon Kerbs and Arnie Iwanick (Evergreen CC)
Will: Margee Will and Dan Simon (Evergreen CC)
Starr: Gail Starr and Matt Starr (Evergreen CC)
Horten: Maya Horten and Adam Seymour (Evergreen CC)
Watson: Dana Watson and Kevin Rutherford (Evergreen CC)
Mays: Clara Mays and Nelson Rogers (Evergreen CC and SFBACC)
Naimo: Elsa Naimo and Casey Morley (Evergreen CC)
Smith-Koop: Elaine Smith-Koop and Josh Engle (Evergreen CC)
Avery: Rhiannon Avery and Bruce Irvin (Boise CC and Evergreen CC)


Pool A: Good, Avery, Kerbs, Will
Pool B: Watson, Fairley, Naimo, Starr
Pool C: Smith-Koop, Horten, Sweet, Mays

Friday Practice Time Slots (each team to practice 20 mins per sheet)

9:30am: Watson
10:45am: Good, Avery, Sweet
12:00pm: Will, Horten, Naimo
1:15pm: Starr, Smith-Koop, Mays

Mandatory Team Meeting at 3pm on Friday

Competition Schedule (subject to change)

  Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C
Friday 4pm Good vs. Will Kerbs vs. Avery Watson vs. Starr
Friday 6:15pm Naimo vs. Fairley Smith-Koop vs. Mays Sweet vs. Horten
Friday 8:30pm   Will vs. Avery Good vs. Kerbs
Saturday 8am Watson vs. Naimo Starr vs. Fairley  
Saturday 10:15am     Smith-Koop vs. Sweet   Mays vs. Horten
Saturday 1pm Good vs. Avery Will vs. Kerbs Watson vs. Fairley
Saturday 3pm Starr vs. Naimo Smith-Koop vs. Horten Mays vs. Sweet
Saturday 5pm Tiebreaker Game Tiebreaker Game Tiebreaker Game
Saturday 8:30pm Quarterfinal #1 (3v6) 11th place game Quarterfinal #2 (4v5)
Sunday 8am Semifinal #1 (1vQ2) 9th place game Semfinal #2 (2vQ1)
Sunday 10:30am 7th place game Final 3rd place game