ECC league players compete for the famed Evergreen CC championship trophy.


Seymour: Adam Seymour, Kathy Placek, Steve Liske, Allan Barber
Schmaltz: Alan Schmaltz, Dave Milne, Arnie Iwanick, Bill Standeven
Feist: Cathy Shuttleworth, Yvonne Perceval, Traci Holcomb, Barbara Feist
Grau: Mark Tolonen, Jeanie King, Tammy Lechelt, Dan Grau
Schaak: Steve Shuttleworth, Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, Jerry King
Kamata: Jun Kamata, Melissa Aaron, Thomas Poon, TBD
Rutherford: Kevin Rutherford, Bruce Irvin, Josh Engle, Art Placek
Will: Margee Will, Judd Dudgeon, Kailey Yorga, Dan Simon
Karsnia: Andy Karsnia, Matt Starr, Justin King, Andy Garrison
Whirlies!: Maya Horten, Clara Mays, Elsa Naimo, Kyzen Pemberton
Eastern Bloc: Tim Aaron, Lindsey Goss, Eric Wolff, Randy Kilweg


Eleven team double knockout. See draw chart below for details. In addition to the games shown there will be one and possibly two extra games:

Game 20: Winner of B side plays winner of A side.
Game 21: If necessary, B winner plays A winner again so that all but one team has two losses.

8 end games. Time bell at 1 hour 35 minutes indicating that only "this end and one more" will be played. Ties to be decided by extra end. Final game(s) will not use time bell.

Friday Night Schedule

6pm: Whirlies vs. Feist on Sheet A, Seymour vs. Will on Sheet B, Kamata vs. Karsnia on Sheet C
8:30pm: Calcutta Auction
9pm: Schaak vs. Grau on Sheet A, Schmaltz vs winner of Kamata/Karsnia on Sheet B, Eastern Bloc vs. Rutherford on Sheet C

Draw Chart

ECC Club Championship Draw Chart 2018 03 22


The ECC Club Championship Calcutta is a fun and exciting way to involve fans in the competition.   This year will be our 3rd annual Calcutta.

The Calcutta auction begins on Friday March 23rd at 8:30PM (immediatly following the first draw). We plan to pair teams together for the Auction and then "sell" the pairs of teams to the highest bidders (with 11 teams entered in the Club Championship we might have one Calcutta bundle with an odd number of teams).

All money paid goes into the prize pool and is distributed to the owners of winning teams in the Club Championship.

Anyone may bid on any bundle of teams including members of the team being auctioned, a member of another team or anyone else that wants to participate. You do not have to be present to bid on teams but you will need someone to bid on your behalf. And you may purchase as many teams as you would like.

It is traditional in Calcuttas to form a group ahead of time to pool your money (called a “syndicate”). Any number of people, including non members, can form their own syndicates. These syndicates may purchase one or more teams or buy part ownership in teams depending on how much money they have and how high the bidding for each team reaches. Buying a share in a syndicate is a great way for new participants to get in on the fun for a small amount of money.

It is also traditional for a Calcutta owner to sell percentage shares of their bundles to the teams in their bundles to give extra incentive to thost teams for winning the Club Championship.

Any additional rules or clarifications will be explained just prior to the auction. Have fun and start your syndicate planning today!

One End Bonspiel

In the tradition of Curling and good times, the ECC Championship weekend will include a "1 end Bonspiel" for participating teams Saturday Evening at 10PM. The format will allow from 2-4 players from each team to play. Substitutes are allowed. If you have not experienced a 1 end bonspiel, you are in for an experience. Additional details to be announced at the Calcutta Auction.

Past Champions

2017 - Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, Adam Seymour, Jimmy Sattem