Plenty of people have referred to curling as "shuffleboard on ice" but it is not.  Invented by the Scottish and dominated by Canadians, curling is a strategic and social game which begins and ends with the shaking of hands and pleasant remarks.  Curling is an Olympic sport that began in the 1500's and made its way to North America in the 1700's.

Called the 'roaring game' due to the sound the rocks make while sliding across the ice, curling is a team sport employing both strategy and skill.  Two rinks (teams of 4) compete against each other on a sheet (playing field), with each team delivering eight stones in an end (inning) for 8-10 ends.  Only one team may score in a single end.

What makes this game different is the curl.  Stones are delivered with a specific rotation, and as the stone nears the end of its path it moves laterally in the direction of the curl which allows a stone to come to rest behind another stone.

Curling does not require a specific delivery technique (other than that the technique or equipment used may not damage the ice) so it may be played from a sitting position or standing position, in addition to the traditional lunge.  See inside Evergreen Curling Club.

Mixed Doubles, a new addition to the Olympics in 2018, is a version of curling in which two teams of two members each (traditionally, one male and one female) use six stones for a game.  Each end begins with one stone from each team placed "in play" before the end begins.  Mixed Doubles games consist of 8 ends.

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