At your event...

  • Your curling event will begin with a brief off-ice introduction, safety talk, and stretch.

    Next you will move to the ice for the basics of delivery, sweeping and skipping. Then you will play a game for the rest of your event.

    No experience necessary. Just wear clean sneakers and clothing that lets you bend and move easily.  Please avoid fabrics that shed or pill.

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Customize Your Event

  • Small group, giant group, or do you need an unusual time period? We may be able to accommodate, just send us an inquiry and ask!

    We can offer a full bar, and on-site meeting space. Participants and observers are welcome to enjoy their own food and non-alcoholic beverages in our warm-room.

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Additional Information

  • Extra time in the warm-room (meeting space): $50/hour.

    Events typically occur Monday thru Friday between 10am and 4pm, or on Saturdays.

    Ice is available between October and May.

    A maximum of 30 guests are allowed on the ice at one time.

    Local catering options

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How to Book Your Curling Event

  • Begin booking your curling event by e-mailing the following details to our Events Manager:

    Company name

    Date and time(s) you are seeking

    Duration (90, 2hr, 3hr)

    Anticipated number of attendees


    See photos of our facility

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Event Pricing

  • 90 Minute Sampler

    $250 for one sheet (playing field)

    $500 for two sheets.

    $750 for three sheets.

    6-8 people per sheet.

    Basic instruction followed by up to one end (inning) of a game as time allows.  Recommended for those tight on budget and/or time.  Includes all necessary equipment.

  • 2-Hour Event

    $330 one sheet (playing field)

    $660 two sheets.

    $990 three sheets.

    6-8 people per sheet.

    Curling lesson followed by 1-3 ends (innings) of a game as time allows.  Includes all necessary equipment.

  • 3-Hour Event

    $450 for one sheet (playing field)

    $900 for two sheets.

    $1350 for three sheets.

    6-8 people per sheet.

    Detailed instruction followed by game-play.  Affords time for a mid-session break, if desired.

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Non-Profit & School Pricing

  • As a 501(c)(3) organization ourselves, we understand the financial challenges of operating as a non-profit, and so we offer a different pricing structure for non-profit organizations and for school field trips.   If the group you are booking for falls into this category, please contact us for pricing details.
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