We want you to have a fun and safe experience at ECC

• Step carefully when going on the ice for the first time. The rubber grippers on your feet provide traction on the ice. The colder they get, the “grippier” they get. Stand a few seconds on the ice to let them cool down.

• No running. Do not run on the ice or walkways. The most common way to injure yourself is by suddenly stopping after running on the ice.

• Remove the slider under your foot after your delivery. The slider is made of Teflon. Standing up on it is a sure way to fall down.

• If you find you cannot slide without putting your knee on the ice, you can borrow a knee pad.  If your knees, back, pants or stiffness inhibit your ability to lunge, no worries.  Just ask your instructor to teach you the stick delivery.

• Do not pick up the curling stones. Doing so may result in squished toes, creaky backs, and damaged ice.

• Never walk (or run!) backwards. Moving backwards means you can’t see curling stones or other obstacles behind you, and you may trip and fall as a result. When sweeping, always face the direction you are heading.

• Do not linger on the ice. When your hands, knees, or rear end remain on the ice, your body heat starts melting it, resulting in indentations that affect your curling experience.

• Keep your cell phone in a zippered pocket. If it’s in an open pocket, it will fall out and skitter down the ice. We know this from personal experience.

• Be sure you and all friends or family members signed a waiver. You should have signed a waiver upon entry. If you didn’t, do so immediately. Without it (digital or paper), you can’t go on the ice.

• Supervise your children! Please do not let them: swing brooms or start “sword” fights with them; bang brooms on the ice, which can chip or crack its surface; shove rocks randomly, especially near or behind others; make ice angels; and scream loudly so as to distract others. Thanks for understanding.

Enjoy yourself and be safe!

Path to Membership Leagues

  • Start with a Learn-To-Curl

    2-hour introductory group lesson to get you playing an end or two of a game. (Ages 10+)

    Evergreen CC will provide the needed curling equipment. Upon arrival you will be fitted rubber grippers that fit over your shoes. The event will begin with a short video and safety talk, then move out onto the ice.

  • Curling 101 (lesson series)

    5-week instructional league for adult and mature teen curlers with 2 years or less experience (Learn-to-Curl or equivalent intro class recommended).

    Course provides in-depth instruction in the basics, including delivery, sweeping, gameplay and strategy. Brooms and grippers are provided. Some sessions include a league.

  • Friday Friends

    Single games available to both members and non-members, novice level and higher.

  • Manager's Choice Leagues

    Introductory league to help new members develop their skills. Each team will include at least one experienced player who can offer coaching as you play.

    Register as an individual or a team. Membership is required before registering for Saturday thru Thursday leagues.

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What to wear in the Ice House

  • Exercise pants or sweats. You may even want to double up on the exercise pants. (NO shorts)

    Warm top layers. Arm movement is important.

    Hat and gloves. Leather batting or driving gloves are often best. It is colder than you think.

    Socks and your cleanest sneakers.

    You are not allowed to wear....

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How to Find ECC

  • We're not really visible from the street and we have our own ice facility dedicated to curling.

    Look for the Greentree West industrial park. Parking lot entrance is to the east of SW Maple Ave.

    When you enter the parking lot, stay to the right and look for unit #155.

    (Google navigation will take you elsewhere)

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Curling Safety

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