Walleye Pond (Friday 5:45pm, Saturday 9:00 am, Saturday 2 pm)

Curl Jam (Mulqueeney)
Oliver & Company (Lehua)
Anglers (Poon)
Drawing a Blank (Dan)
Gone Curlin' (Seymour)
Wolly Bugger (George)

Pike Pond (Friday 8:30pm, Saturday 11:30am, Saturday 6:30pm)

Final Catch (Bill)
Top Dog Curlers (Boyd)
Whirlies (Ice Cold) 3000
I-C-K (Casey)
Curling for the Halibut (KRuth)
1 Fish, 2 Fish (DW)

What It's All About

Get out your fishin' rod, waders and a can of night crawlers. This year DIY has "Gone Fishin'".  A fun, low-cost, pot luck dinner, curling weekend is a fantastic opportunity to team up with different curlers.

The two ponds are based on total years of experience of each team.  Team ranking is the sum of each curlers rank determined as

Years of experience       Rank

   0 – 1                                  1

   2 – 3                                  2

   4 – 6                                  3

   7 – 9                                  4

    10+                                   5

Every team plays three games against teams within their pond, ensuring all your games are against teams with similar curling experience. The top 2 teams in each pond play each other Sunday morning.

$180 per team

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Bonspiel was created in 2013 as a way to celebrate and thank all our members' determination in accomplishing a dedicated curling ice facility. It continues today as a "Thank You" for every members' enthusiasm and spirit (especially in this Olympic year) for the sport of curling at Evergreen CC.

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