The great Olympic sport of curling appeals to people of all ages and physical abilities and lets men and women compete equally. Curling encourages strategy, leadership, team communication, problem solving, sportsmanship, socialization and competition. Curling provides a fun, unique and memorable experience. It’s a day where everyone interacts and works together as a team toward a shared goal. Whether your event is corporate team building, school field trip, private learn-to-curl, or just a mess of people who want ice time, we can get you curling.

Looking for a game? If your group has been here before or if you have a group that is a mix of experienced and unexperienced, just let us know when you book your event and we will adapt to their needs. We can even help you set up a corporate league or tournament!

We are booked for the spring 2018 season and are currently booking weekdays for fall 2018.

October Availability - November Availability

Jump to Event Pricing. All events must be booked in advance.

At your event...

  • Your curling event will begin with a brief off-ice introduction, safety talk, and stretch.

    Next you will move to the ice for the basics of delivery, sweeping and skipping. Then you will play a game for the rest of your event.

    No experience necessary. Just wear clean sneakers and warm clothing that lets you bend and move easily.  Please avoid fabrics that shed or pill.

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Personalize Your Event

  • Participants and observers are welcome to enjoy their own food and non-alcoholic beverages in our warm-room where there are plenty of places to sit and watch the action.  We can offer a nearly-full bar. 

    Large groups may be accommodated by booking a longer event and breaking into multiple sessions.

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Additional Information

  • Events are typically Tue, Thurs, Fri between 10am and 4pm, or Wednesdays 1-4pm.

    Not available Sundays or weekday evenings.

    Available October to mid-May.

    A maximum of 30 guests are allowed on the ice at one time.

    Popular catering options

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How to Book Your Curling Event

  • Begin booking your curling event by e-mailing the following details to our Events Manager:

    Company or group name

    Date and time(s) you are seeking (Weeknights are unavailable)

    Duration (2hr, 3hr or other)

    Anticipated number of attendees

    Please read our terms and conditions as booking an event is acceptance of these terms.

    See photos of our facility

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Event Pricing

  • 2-Hour Event

    $400 one sheet (playing field)

    $700 two sheets.

    $990 three sheets.

    6-8 people per sheet.  Participants may not swap in and out.

    Curling lesson followed by 1-3 ends (innings) of a game as time allows.  Includes all necessary equipment.

    10% discount for events booking their "ice time" at 11am or earlier, Mon-Fri.

  • 3-Hour Event

    $530 for one sheet (playing field)

    $950 for two sheets.

    $1350 for three sheets.

    6-8 people per sheet.  Participants may swap once. 

    Detailed instruction followed by game-play.  Affords time for a mid-session break, if desired.

    10% discount for events booking their "ice time" at 11am or earlier, Mon-Fri.

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Non-Profit, School & Scout Pricing

  • As a 501(c)(3) organization ourselves, we understand the financial challenges of operating as a non-profit, and so we offer a different pricing structure for registered non-profit organizations, and all-youth events including scouts, birthday parties and for school field trips.   If the group you are booking for falls into this category, please contact the Events Manager for pricing details.

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