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08 May, 2019
Event CapacityUnlimited Registered27 Remaining SpotsUnlimited
17 Jan, 2019
Event Capacity12 Registered4 Remaining Spots8
22 Feb, 2019
Event Capacity20 Registered10 Remaining Spots10
15 Dec, 2018

Holiday Learn To Curl 12:30pm

Learn-to-Curl with cocoa, cookies and music!

Event Capacity24 Registered23 Remaining Spots1
29 Dec, 2018

Family Tree Bonspiel

Holiday fun for the whole family!

Event Capacity25 Registered8 Remaining Spots17
14 Jan, 2019

Curling 101 + League (Mondays)

Lesson series for beginners who would like in-depth instruction.  Appropriate for curlers with less than 2 years of experience.

Event Capacity16 Registered6 Remaining Spots10
09 Feb, 2019

Cupid's Red HOT - 7pm

Admission for 2 people to Cupid's Red HOT Curling Party at 7pm

Event Capacity12 Registered1 Remaining Spots11
09 Feb, 2019

Cupid's Red HOT - 7:45pm

Admission for 2 people to Cupid's Red HOT Curling Party at 7:45pm

Event Capacity12 Registered0 Remaining Spots12
09 Feb, 2019
Event Capacity24 Registered22 Remaining Spots2
09 Mar, 2019
Event Capacity24 Registered0 Remaining Spots24
13 Apr, 2019
Event Capacity16 Registered12 Remaining Spots4