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Has watching curling during the Olympic Games piqued your interest in the sport? Are you mesmerized by the skill and strategy on display? And have you ever thought, “I’d like to try that”? You can! Evergreen Curling Club in Beaverton is the only facility dedicated to curling in Oregon -- and one of the few on the West Coast. During the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, ECC is offering a full slate of events designed to teach you more about curling. From on-ice lessons to clubhouse games, you’ll learn about curling in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

ECC activities are scheduled to coincide with Olympic curling competition, which starts on February 8 with Mixed Doubles Curling, a new addition to the Gold Medal matches. Men’s and Women’s team competitions follow, concluding on Saturday, February 24 local time. Learn curling from us by taking a lesson or by watching a game while sipping a whisky with an ECC curler. There’s no better place in the Portland area than Evergreen Curling Club to check out the Olympic sport of curling!

For a schedule of ECC events, please scroll down.

February Schedule

Check out our schedule of events for February.  The public is welcome to come watch any league game. Looking for something in the daytime?  Email us to inquire about booking your own group event.  This schedule is subject to change.


Feb 4 

2:30pm  League
5pm  League
7:30pm  League


Feb 5 

6pm  League



Feb 6 

6pm  League
8:30pm  League


Feb 7 

6pm  League
8:15pm  League 


Feb 8 

6pm  League
8:30pm  League


Feb 9 

7pm  League


Feb 10 

5pm League
7pm Cupid's
Red HOT Curling

Feb 11

2:30pm  League
5pm  League
7:30pm  League

Feb 12

6pm  League


Feb 13

6pm  Watch Party
Mixed Doubles Gold

Feb 14

6pm  League


Feb 15

7pm  Bingo!

Feb 16 

6pm Learn-to-Curl
7pm Watch Party
game is TBD
8:30pm  League

Feb 17

12pm Learn-to-Curl
2:30pm Learn-to-Curl
7:30pm OHSU event

Feb 18 

11am-2pm Try Curling
4:30pm Learn-to-Curl
7pm Learn-to-Curl


Feb 19 

11am  Learn-to-Curl
2pm Learn-to-Curl
7:45pm Learn-to-Curl


Feb 20

10am-2pm Try Curling
6pm  Watch Party
game is TBD


Feb 21 

6pm Learn-to-Curl
7pm Trivia!
8pm Learn-to-Curl


Feb 22

6pm  Watch Party
game is TBD



Feb 23 

4-6:30pm Try Curling
7pm Watch Party
Men's Bronze Medal
7pm  League


Feb 24

11am Learn-to-Curl
1pm Watch Party -
Men's Gold
1:30pm Learn-to-Curl
4pm Watch Party -
Women's Gold
6pm Auction Ends
7:30pm League

Feb 25


Feb 26

 Closed for Maint.


Feb 27

6pm  League
8:30pm  League

Feb 28

6pm League 


Mar 1

6pm  League
8:30pm  League

Mar 2 

7pm League


Mar 3

5pm League
7:30pm Learn-to-Curl