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All set for the 6th Annual Family Tree Bonspiel, December 28th at Evergreen Curling Club!

Your family team will play two 4-end (one hour) games. Our theme this year is Dinosaurs.

Draw Schedule

   Sheet A  Sheet B  Sheet C
 9:00am Tyrannosaurus Toews vs. Ice Age  Asteroid Needs to Curl vs. Orphanasaurus  Pugosaurus vs. The Pachycephalosaurus
10:30am  Klinkosaurus vs. Spinosaurus Chomper T-Rex vs. Gregasaurus  Mosasaurus vs. Ducky Parasaurolophus
 noon Buttercupasaurus  vs. YoubetJurasswecan
Swagasaurus vs. The Honking Horten Hadrosaurs
The Meteors vs. Rockingthehouseasiurs
 1:30pm  Pugosaurus vs. Orphanasaurus  The Pachycephalosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus Toews Ice Age vs. Asteroid Needs to Curl
 3:00pm  Chomper T-Rex vs. Mosasaurus  Klinkosaurus vs. Ducky Parasaurolophus  Spinosaurus vs. Gregasaurus
 4:30pm  Swagasaurus vs. The Meteors  Rockingthehouseasiurs vs. YoubetJurasswecan  The Honking Horten Hadrosaurs vs. Buttercupasaurus

Triassic Pool (games at 9am and 1:30pm): 

Tyrannosaurus Toews- Toews
Ice Age- Phillips-Hamblett
Asteroid Needs to Curl- Ellis
Pugosaurus- Casteel
The Pachycephalosaurus- Hill (the Daphne variety)
Orphanasaurus- Hamin, Jacob, Thomas, Brady

Jurassic Pool (games at 10:30am and 3pm):

Klinkosaurus- Klinkhammer
Chomper T-Rex- Horgan
Mosasaurus- Kessinger
Spinosaurus- Twitchell
Gregasaurus- Dickie
Ducky Parasaurolophus- Kuns

Cretaceous Pool (games at noon and 4:30pm):

Rockingthehouseasiurs- Sacry
Buttercupasaurus- Morley
The Meteors- Rutherford
YoubetJurasswecan- Hill (the Marty variety)
The Honking Horten Hadrosaurs - Horten
Swagasaurus- Irvin


Behold the revered Family Bonspiel scoring system:  
  • You win 1 point for every stone that you score during a game
  • points for every end that you win
  • points for winning an entire game (1 point if you tie)


Individuals and couples, we now have a waiting list for extras trying to get in. Contact if you want to get on the list.

Past Family Champions

2018 - Horten
2017 - Klinkhammer
2016 - Kuns
2015 - Irvin
2014 - Perceval/Liske