Join us for the 5th Annual Family Tree Bonspiel at Evergreen Curling Club. It's a fun, social curling event for your whole family!

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Team Entry Fee - $100.00

Registration open through Thrursday, December 27th, 2018.

We have 18 families split into 3 pools 

The Big Bang (the early pool):  

Draw Times: 9am, 1:30pm

Families: Klinkhammer (Hale-Bopp), Morley (Oort Cloud), Lechelt (Fox Fur Nebula), Casteel (Magrathea), Ruoff (Pluto), Orphans (Albireo)

9am Draw

Galaxy A: Hale-Bopp vs. Oort Cloud
Galaxy B:  Fox Fur Nebula vs. Albireo
Galaxy C: Magrathea vs. Pluto

1:30pm Draw

Galaxy A: Pluto vs. Albireo
Galaxy B: Magrathea vs. Oort Cloud
Galaxy C: Fox Fur Nebula vs. Hale-Bopp

Dark Energy Dominated Era (middle pool):

Draw Times: 10:30am, 3pm

Families: Starr (Sirius A), Starr (Sirius B), Holcomb (Milky Way), Maywalt (Dark Doodad Nebula), Kuns (Kuiper Belt), Fairley (Betelgeuse)

10:30am Draw

Galaxy A: Kuiper Belt vs. Milky Way
Galaxy B: Sirius A vs. Sirius B
Galaxy C: Betelgeuse vs. Dark Doodad Nebula

3pm Draw

Galaxy A: Sirius B vs. Doodads of Darkness
Galaxy B: Kuiper Belt vs. Betelgeuse
Galaxy C: Sirius A vs. Milky Way

The Big Rip (late pool): 

Draw Times: noon and 4:30pm

Families: Rutherford (A Black Hole), Denning (Draco), Horten (Rings of Saturn), Dermer (The Sun), Irvin (Derf-n-Bob), McClaughry (Jupiter)

12 noon Draw

Galaxy A: A Black Hole vs. Jupiter
Galaxy B: The Sun vs. Draco
Galaxy C: Rings of Saturn vs. Derf-n-Bob

4:30pm Draw

Galaxy A: Horten vs. The Sun
Galaxy B: A Black Hole vs. Derf-n-Bob
Galaxy C: Jupiter vs. Draco

Each family will play two 4-end (one hour) games. Our theme this year will be Heavenly Bodies, Choose someplace to represent, it could be a planet, star constellation, moon, galaxy, nebula, quasar, whatever ya got.

Teams: Families must include four or more people.   At least two of them must be "kin", i.e., related by blood or marriage, but others may be "adopted" for the bonspiel.   Add as many people as you like and substitute freely during each game.    

ECC Membership NOT required.   Curling experience not required, either!   If any of your family members do not know how to curl, then contact us to arrange a lesson.


Behold the new-and-improved Family Bonspiel scoring system:  
  • You win 1 point for every stone that you score during a game
  • points for every end that you win
  • points for winning an entire game (1 point if you tie)


Individuals and couples can get into this spiel too! Just register yourself as an orphan, and we will try to find a family for you. 

Past Family Champions

2017 - Klinkhammer
2016 - Kuns
2015 - Irvin
2014 - Perceval/Liske