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Family Tree Bonspiel is a one-day bonspiel in late December, welcoming curlers of all levels for shortened games.familyspiel
The 7th Annual Family Tree Bonspiel is scheduled for December 26th, 2020 at Evergreen Curling Club!

Your family team will play two 4-end (one hour) games. Our theme this year is TBA.


Behold the revered Family Bonspiel scoring system:
You win 1 point for every stone that you score during a game
2 points for every end that you win
2 points for winning an entire game (1 point if you tie)


Individuals and couples, we now have a waiting list for extras trying to get in. Contact if you want to get on the list.

Past Family Champions

2018 - Horten
2017 - Klinkhammer
2016 - Kuns
2015 - Irvin
2014 - Perceval/Liske

   Sheet A  Sheet B  Sheet C
 9:00am Tyrannosaurus Toews vs. Ice Age  Asteroid Needs to Curl vs. Orphanasaurus  Pugosaurus vs. The Pachycephalosaurus
10:30am  Klinkosaurus vs. Spinosaurus Chomper T-Rex vs. Gregasaurus  Mosasaurus vs. Ducky Parasaurolophus
 noon Buttercupasaurus  vs. YoubetJurasswecan
Swagasaurus vs. The Honking Horten Hadrosaurs
The Meteors vs. Rockingthehouseasiurs
 1:30pm  Pugosaurus vs. Orphanasaurus  The Pachycephalosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus Toews Ice Age vs. Asteroid Needs to Curl
 3:00pm  Chomper T-Rex vs. Mosasaurus  Klinkosaurus vs. Ducky Parasaurolophus  Spinosaurus vs. Gregasaurus
 4:30pm  Swagasaurus vs. The Meteors  Rockingthehouseasiurs vs. YoubetJurasswecan  The Honking Horten Hadrosaurs vs. Buttercupasaurus

Triassic Pool (games at 9am and 1:30pm): 

Tyrannosaurus Toews- Toews
Ice Age- Phillips-Hamblett
Asteroid Needs to Curl- Ellis
Pugosaurus- Casteel
The Pachycephalosaurus- Hill (the Daphne variety)
Orphanasaurus- Hamin, Jacob, Thomas, Brady

Jurassic Pool (games at 10:30am and 3pm):

Klinkosaurus- Klinkhammer
Chomper T-Rex- Horgan
Mosasaurus- Kessinger
Spinosaurus- Twitchell
Gregasaurus- Dickie
Ducky Parasaurolophus- Kuns

Cretaceous Pool (games at noon and 4:30pm):

Rockingthehouseasiurs- Sacry
Buttercupasaurus- Morley
The Meteors- Rutherford
YoubetJurasswecan- Hill (the Marty variety)
The Honking Horten Hadrosaurs - Horten
Swagasaurus- Irvin