whirlies pic portraitCurling is a lifetime sport that only takes 45 minutes to learn.   It's social, strategic and great exercise.   Every player on a team of four stays fully engaged during each two-hour game.    Kids compete equally with and against adults as well as other kids.   Curling is an Olympic sport with opportunities to aspire and achieve the highest levels of accomplishment right up to winning medals at the Olympic Games.

But mostly it's FUN.  Kids in grades 5 though 12 enjoy sliding around on ice, sweeping and yelling like crazy.   Curlers always socialize after games with refreshments and laughs. 

To try it, just come to one of our Saturday Practices.  We teach kids everything they need to know, and we provide the needed curling equipment.   Our program balances skill development with game play.   Curlers who want to go farther can participate in our merit achievement program and compete in leagues and bonspiels throughout the curling season (October through May).