• League Registration occurs three times per year - typically around September 1st for Fall league, December 1st for Winter league and March 1st for Spring league.  The league schedule will be posted here -with specific dates and times for each league- prior to registration opening.
  • Member leagues are offered seven evenings per week during the curling season, as well as Wednesday morning and Sunday afternoons.
  • Must be logged in to register for member-only leagues.  If you are new to ECC, then become a member today
  • New to curling? Don't want to be a member yet?
    • Instructional Leagues are great for beginners looking for a structured, in-depth learning experience
    • Novice Leagues are great for beginners who have recently taken a learn-to-curl class.
    • The membership year runs August 1st to July 31st with half-year memberships available for those wishing to register for Winter or Spring leagues.  Membership may be renewed beginning August 1st for the new season - to gain access to league registration.
  • All ECC league teams may have any combination of genders. 
  • Novices Welcome indicates a league that is a good "starter member league" for those completing a Novice League or Instructional League.   The league typically will have a mix of novices and more experienced curlers with an emphasis more on fun and learning, less on competition.  These leagues may be joined as an individual, or a pre-made team.
  • Manager's Choice means that you can pick at most one teammate during registration, and the draw coordinator will assign you additional teammates with the goal of creating fun, balanced teams. 
  • Tuesday league registration is limited to pre-made teams of four only.
  • Leagues with two draw times are "split shift" leagues, meaning that you will play some games at the earlier time and some at the later time.   The later time will be used only if more than 28 curlers register for that league.  These are typicallly Sunday evening, Tuesday and Thursday leagues.
  • Any questions?  Please Contact Us

Leagues for Fall 2017

Registration has now closed for the following leagues. Want to watch a league game? Come out and join us anytime. Check our calendar for specific dates and times.

Draw Time(s)  Notes
Sunday Afternoon 2:30pm Novices Welcome
Sunday Evening 5:00pm & 7:30pm  
Monday Evening 6:00pm Manager's Choice
Novices Welcome
Tuesday Competitive 6:00pm and 8:30pm Full, pre-made teams only
Wednesday Morning 10:00am Novices Welcome
Wednesday Evening 6:00pm Novices Welcome
Thursday Evening 6:00pm and 8:30pm  
Friday Evening 7:00pm Novices Welcome
Saturday Doubles 5:00pm