Coming Soon: the 5th Annual MoPac Mixed Doubles Championship (November 8-10, 2019)!


4 pools of 4 teams each followed by semifinals and finals on Sunday
4 game guarantee. Teams that do not reach the QFs will be placed in consolation games.
Tentative Schedule:

Friday: 7-9am Practices, 9am Team Meeting, draws at 10a, 12p, 2p, 5p, 7p, 9p
Saturday: 8a, 10a, 12p, 3:15p (TB), 6p (QF), 8:15p (QF)
Sunday: 8a (SF), 10:15am (F)

Registered Teams (16 teams registered, we're full):

Elaine Smith-Koop and Josh Engle (Evergreen CC)
Margee Will and Adam Seymour (Granite CC)
Kris and Scott Klinkhammer (Evergreen CC)
Kimber Maroney and Brandon Ellison (Coyotes CC)
Dana Watson and Kevin Rutherford (Evergreen CC)
Janie Berg and Dan Simon (Evergreen CC)
Rhiannon Avery and Bruce Irvin (Boise CC and Evergreen CC)
Diane Keleher and Dave Milne (Evergreen CC)
Sue Niedrach and Bill Niedrach (Bucks County CC)
Kae Phillips-Hamblett and Jim Malloy (Evergreen CC)
Karen and Ron Fairley (Evergreen CC)
Fran Walsh and Fred Maxie (Granite CC)
Sarah Maywalt and Steven Hagen (Evergreen CC)
Thomas Poon and Kathy Placek (Evergreen CC)
Katie Feldman and Brian Feldman (Wine Country CC)
Cathy Shuttleworth and Steve Shuttleworth (Evergreen CC)

Past Champions:

2018: K. Phillips-Hamblett and Kevin Rutherford (Evergreen CC)
2017: Em Good and Mac Guy (Granite CC)
2016: Elaine Smith-Koop and Josh Engle (Evergreen CC)
2015: Katie Mordarski and Alex Baxter (San Francisco Bay Area CC)