Oregon's best men's and women's teams compete for the title of "Best in Oregon" and the opportunity to represent Oregon at the 2017 Pacific International Cup.

Women's Champions

The Whirlies!:  Lily Irvin, Clara Mays, Maya Horten and Elsa Naimo

Oregon Champs Womens 2017 03 05


Men's Champions

Team Smoltz:  Jim Smoltz, Cory Fiendell, Eric Hemesath and Matt Starr

Oregon Mens Champs 2017 03 04


Thank You

Thank You T.J. Crockett for being the lead official and coordinator for this event.   Thanks also to Scott Klinkhammer and the ECC Iceops team for keeping the ice in shape for all the competitors.

Pacific International Cup

The winning teams will represent Oregon at the Pacific International Cup, April 19-23, 2017 at Richmond CC in Richmond, BC.

Game Results

Women's Event (through prelim games)

2-0 Fairley
2-0 Whirlies
0-2 Starr
0-2 Tamura

Whirlies def. Fairley in finals to become Oregon Women's Champion

Men's Event

2-0 Smoltz (Smoltz becomes Oregon Men's Champion)
1-1 Iwanick
0-2 Kuns

Registered Teams

Women's Event

Tamura: Lisa Tamura, Kris Klinkhammer, Kim Smoltz, Diane Keleher
Starr: Dana Watson, Kathy Placek, Margot Standeven, Gail Starr
Whirlies: Lily Irvin, Maya Horten, Elsa Naimo, Clara Mays
Fairley: Karen Fairley, Cindy Martinez, Morgan Rhodes, Mary Bourret

Men's Event

Smoltz: Jim Smoltz, Cory Fiendell, Eric Hemesath, Matt Starr
Kuns: Allan Barber, Brian Kuns, Thomas Poon, Art Placek
Iwanick: Arnie Iwanick, Dave Milne, Ernie Argetsinger, Jerry Dalnes


The format for the women will be two randomly assigned prelim games followed by a single elimination playoff for all teams that do not lose both of their prelim games.  

The format for the men will be a full round-robin (RR) followed by tie-breakers (TB) if needed.

Draw Schedule

Friday March 3

9pm: [A: Kuns v Iwanick]

Saturday March 4

11am:  [A: Starr v Fairley] [B: Tamura v Whirlies] [C: Smoltz v Kuns]
2pm:   [A: Whirlies v Starr] [B: Iwanick v Smoltz] [C: Fairley v Tamura]

Sunday March 5

9:00am: [Fairley v Whirlies]


  • 8-end games
  • No ends can be started more than 1 hour 45 minutes after start of game, except in case of tie.
  • Ties will be broken with a full extra end.
  • Broom heads must meet USCA/WCF broom head standards for competition.
  • Team listed first on schedule will use red stones and have hammer in the first end.
  • All disputes and questions will be resolved by the referee (Mr. T.J.) whose decision will be final.

Visiting and Viewing

Curling fans, please stop in to enjoy the games!     You can also watch (live or recorded) on the Evergreen CC YouTube channel.


All players must be dues-paying, league-playing members of an Oregon curling club (Evergreen, Klamath Falls or Bend).  

Entry fee is $100 per team; all entry fees will be given to the winners to help them pay PIC expenses.

Limit of 6 Men's and 6 Women's entries.