• Let's Throw NEW Rocks at Houses!

    Fundraising goal is $12,000 to cover 40% of the costs of new rocks.  Kays of Scotland, the world class provider of curling stones, is currently preparing for us three sheets of stones made from Common Green Granite with a Blue Hone insert, mined from Ailsa Craig in Scotland.  Read more about these stones at www.kayscurling.com.

    Evergreen Curling Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) sports organization.  Be sure to check if your company matches donations!

    Donations begin at $5.  On the donation page, click amount buttons to increase as desired. DONATE HERE

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Thank you for your donation!

  • Evergreen Curling Club would like to thank the following individuals & groups for their generous donation of $250 or more to help us reach our goal of raising $14,000 toward the cost of purchasing new curling stones from Kay’s of Scotland. 


    Prestige Limousine 

    Pamela Pfiffner

    Brandon Quinn

    George Middleton

    Mary Bourret

    Top Dog (Boyd Blanchard)

    Adam Washington

    Debbie & Jeff Hicks

    Daniel Simon

    Joel Kaplan

    Kevin Rutherford 

    Jeff Tomlinson 

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