• Let's Throw NEW Rocks at Houses!

    Fundraising goal is $12,000 toward the cost of new rocks.  Kays of Scotland, the world class provider of curling stones, is currently preparing for us three sheets of stones made from Common Green Granite with a Blue Hone insert, mined from Ailsa Craig in Scotland.  Read more about these stones at www.kayscurling.com.

    Evergreen Curling Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) sports organization.  Be sure to check if your company matches donations!

    Donations begin at $5.  On the donation page, click amount buttons to increase as desired. DONATE HERE

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Thank you for your donation!

  • Evergreen Curling Club would like to thank the following individuals & groups for their generous donations to help us reach our goal of raising $12,000 toward the cost of purchasing new curling stones from Kay’s of Scotland. 


    Anonymous (2)

    Prestige Limousine 

    Pamela Pfiffner

    Brandon Quinn

    George Middleton

    Mary Bourret

    Top Dog (Boyd Blanchard)

    Adam Washington

    Debbie & Jeff Hicks

    Daniel Simon

    Kent Frasure

    Joel Kaplan - Woop!

    Kevin Rutherford 

    Jeff Tomlinson 

    Dave & Nancy Bueermann

    Bill & Margot Standeven

    Bruce Irvin 

    Dave Milne and Diane Keleher

    Jason Moreland

    Cecile Baril

    Tom Macdonald - Curling Rocks - - Even better with new rocks!

    Gail & Matt Starr

    Cindy Martinez - New Rocks make us all better

    Vlatko Mrsic

    Tammy Lechelt & Mark Tolonen

    Lindsey Goss & Brandon Maurisak

    Steve Liske 

    Yvonne Perceval

    Erin Flasher

    Abigail Kempf

    Hank Johnson

    Diane Mallatt - Curling Rocks! Go Cougs

    Emma Chally

    Oliver Chally

    Dave & Deb Jones

    Eric Toews

    Amy Moyers

    Floriana Foarta

    Kurt Kessinger 

    Lee Vick - A little piece of Scotland makes everything better!

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